We’re Hedgewiz, a fin-tech company that helps CFOs to prevent losses caused by currency volatility using tailored hedging strategy


Hedgewiz Story

We've entered the financial risk management industry, joining Financial Immunities, a 25+ years legacy of helping corporate finance teams to mitigate currency risks

Working with businesses from different industries and banks made us realize that there is a gap between companies needs and banking offering in this space

Companies are often challenged in

Identifying risks and exposures that may lead to losses

Protecting their companies from losses caused by currency volatility

Managing complex Excel spreadsheets to make effective hedging decisions without real-time business data​

Hassle of monitoring FX rates and dealing with banks over the phone


Hedgewiz was born

We've decided to create a SaaS solution that will help CFOs and Treasurers to automate the analysis and management of currency risk, optimize hedging strategies and monitor FX market

about Hedgewiz


Hedgewiz allows you to

about hedgewiz

Design and implement a hedging strategy according to your business environment, competition and unique needs, using our AI technology and analytic tools

Monitor currency exposure and identify risks with real-time business data provided by secure connectivity

Save dozens of hours on monitoring the market by getting live neutral rates

Get better rates and execute hedging orders in real-time instead of calling and negotiating with banks

Eliminate human errors by replacing Excel spreadsheets with the automated solution you can access from anywhere

Generate management and accounting reports to review & share FX hedging results

Hedgewiz Co-founders

Adam Reuter

Dr. Adam Reuter

25+ years in financial risk management

Pavel Soifer, about hedgewiz

Pavel Soifer

10+ years in financial risk management

Irena Meadan

Irena Meadan

10+ years in financial risk management

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