Want to protect your company from currency volatility and FX risk?

We created a robust platform that helps CFOs, Financial Directors, Treasures, and corporate finance teams to identify and mitigate FX risk by tailoring a hedging strategy to their business needs

We have developed hedging strategies for the following verticals that currently benefit from leveraging Hedgewiz

Industrial machinery


Motor vehicles and parts



Precision Instruments



Oil, Mineral Fuels and Chemical products

Retail & Apparel

Informational services

Food and Beverage

To develop an effective hedging strategy and mitigate FX risks here are all the tools you need

Optimize the hedging strategy

  • Hedging strategy setup
  • Strategy stress test for market scenarios
  • Compare alternative strategies
Hedgewiz features
Hedgewiz features

Monitor FX risks

  • Exposure update
    • Manual
    • Real time data (Optional ERP Integration)
    • Upload files
  • Notifications
    • Call to action
    • Exposure notification
  • Exposure management
    • Various exposure types
    • Various hedging approaches
    • Multiple entities

Live rates and online execution

  • Live rates dashboard
  • Making orders/transactions execution
  • Rates change alerts
  • High frequency hedging orders
  • Automated rule-based hedging
  • Various hedging instruments
Hedgewiz features
Hedgewiz features


  • Review & share FX hedging results
  • Reports for board members
  • Auditable trace of changes


  • Live balances with your connected accounts
  • Manage beneficiaries
  • Make payments
  • Payments history and confirmations
Hedgewiz features

Remote Secure Access

  • SaaS platform
  • Secure connection


  • ERP
  • TMS
  • Booking system
  • Open API
Hedgewiz features

Ready to protect your company?

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