We partner with ERP vendors and integrators, PSPs execution partners, banks and FX brokers to help them provide a unique financial risk management service and increase the value delivered to their customers.

What you'll get as a partner

ERP Vendors, System Integrators, IT Consultants

  • Provide a unique solution for a core business challenge of your international customers
  • Deliver additional value to your customers
  • Diversify your recurring revenue stream
  • Help your customers with digitalization of their finance unites

Financial and Business Consultant

  • Help you customers to mitigate core financial risk of international trade
  • Strengthen your service offering by introducing your customers to automated currency risk management platform
  • Assist your customers with currency risk management utilizing Hedgewiz solution

Brokers and PSP

  • Add an innovative treasury tool for currency risk management to your corporate product offering
  • Enchance your eFX solution with risk management offering
  • Increase customers loyalty by helping them to overcome core business challenges
  • Get access to Hedgewiz customers deal flow opportunities by integrating FX API

Join our partners team

Join our partners team

hedgewiz partners
hedgewiz partners
hedgewiz partners
hedgewiz partners
hedgewiz partners

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