Working with worldwide partners. One place with multiple Payment Service Providers

Why Funds are Safe with Us

Our Partners are Leading PSP’s (Payment Services Providers)

We work with AFEX (Corpay), MoneyCorp, Currency Solutions etc

Segregated Accounts

PSP’s are not allowed to use client funds for their own needs or lend to other customers

Safeguarding Account

To ensure your money is safe, PSP’s follow a process known as ‘safeguarding’, which is a regulatory requirement. In this process, they keep your money separate from their own money and place it in a safeguarding account with tier 1 banks such as, Barclyas, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America & JP Morgan

All Payments are Regulated and Supervised

The accounts undergo independent expert checks each year, to ensure they comply with safeguarding obligations. These reports are available to the FCA. In the event of Bankruptcy, a practitioner would be appointed to return the safeguarded funds to the customer

2-Factor Authentication

We use 2-factor authentication for each transaction.
Ensuring that you and only you, can confirm & execute the transaction

Dedicated Account Manager

Our AM will ensure continuous communication with you for any matter and request.

Payments are Supervised and Monitored by Leading Regulators

Control and premissions

Cheaper price

In partnership with DB, BOA, RBS and Barclays

Regulated by FCA